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we met on instagram

As 2018 was coming to an end, I was stressed. I needed a (new) outfit for Christmas. A dress for my partner’s holiday party. Something shiny for New Years Eve. Shoes and accessories to match.

But today? That me? I barely recognize her.

An old friend talked me into getting an Instagram account to share my daily outfits. As someone who was immensely proud of how much clothing I had, how much I had “scored” each piece for, and of all the compliments I received while wearing them, it really didn’t take much to convince me to sign up. That’s how @alissa_etc was born.

But along the way, my curious, social-justice inspired nature led me down a far darker, more eye-opening path. I learned about fast fashion and its seemingly countless impacts. I learned about the toxic chemicals we infuse into the planet by purchasing from big name brands who work with their Bottom Line instead of Mother Nature in mind.

I trimmed my closet. Again and again and again. I joined Project 333. I perfected my seasonal capsule wardrobe. I developed my own personal style.

And then I got a blog.

Alissa | 27 | New York