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My 10 favorite secondhand home goods


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My 10 favorite secondhand home goods


Nearly every time I move to a new space (which unfortunately has been every year for the past five,) I always feel the urge to buy new home decor.

For a while, I felt like I needed a new bed set, new wall fixtures, new throw pillows, curtains, plates, centerpieces. I felt like since it was a new space, it needed a new character to match the new homey vibe I was trying to create.

And not to mention, at least in the U.S., when you change your address with the Post Office, what’s one of the first pieces of mail you get? A fat booklet of coupons: 20% off Lowes, 15% off Home Depot, customized discounts at Target. Translation: “You probably need a new mattress. Your old dining room table simply won’t do. And how are you going to feel at home if you don’t have an assortment of new rugs?”

I moved to a new place with my boyfriend Eli and our cat Wednesday at the beginning of March. I can’t say that I shook the urge to buy new decor, but I did shop completely secondhand! I saved photos of homes that inspired me, made a list of what I wanted and pushed myself to not settle for pieces I wasn’t in love with just so I could feel like I was “done” decorating. And I’m still not. But I’ve been really satisfied with how things are looking and wanted to share my Top 10 favorite secondhand pieces.

Perhaps these will encourage others to swap shopping plasticky homeware from the typical places and stop by your local thrift, check out LetGo or Craigslist for items people no longer need!


1.Terracotta wine cooler

Salvation Army, $1.99 and Goodwill, $2.99: When I found these terracotta wine chillers (same day, two separate shops) I wasn’t even sure what they were! They’re both stamped “Made in Italy” and I’ve already gotten a lot of use out of them. They stay cold for hours!


2. Bamboo steamer

Goodwill, $2.99: We haven’t used it yet, but this one was in very good condition! Will update once I try it out.


3. I kiss better than I cook

Garage Sale, $0.99: This actually isn’t even *new to me*! Its been a staple in our last three kitchens, and, truly, rings true.


4. Floral mirror

Craigslist, $20: It was in nearly perfect condition. There were a few splashes of yellow paint on the frame, but I had no trouble scraping them off.


5. Glass jug

Goodwill $1.99: This glass jar really pulled together this little arrangement of chachkies! I added some dried posies for a softer touch. The wooden shelving was a Christmas gift and the camera is something Eli found at a garage sale! The bird/fake succulents (LOL) are old from Target. But they fit so well in there.


6. Neutral throw pillow

Goodwill $5.99: This one was definitely a splurge, but look at how that blue-grey matches with the couch, and (as you’ll see below) all of my baskets! I couldn’t resist.


7. Baskets

Every corner of my house has a basket — all sizes, shapes, colors. I just love the tones and textures. I don’t remember how much each cost individually, but the basket wall above the couch was less than $20 (in a single trip!).


More baskets

I remember this one was $2.99 at Goodwill. I use it to hold some of our throw blankets.


I’m a basketcase, I know.

This was actually a leftover from Eli’s mom’s garage sale. She let us pick whatever we wanted, and for a while I was using it to hold Wednesday’s toys. But when my mom gave me this Peace Lily as a housewarming gift, I knew it was a match made in basket heaven.


8. Wooden heart shelves

Goodwill, $1.99: These shelves have been so convenient to have in the bathroom! It was in kind of rough shape, but I actually really like it that way. The bottom jar is supposed to hold cotton balls, but I’m going to make some reusable cotton rounds now that I’ve run out.


9. Clothing Rack

Craigslist, $15 each: I bought two of these clothing racks from a random cab company on Craigslist and I used them for my clothing swap. Now that it’s over, I use it to display all my neutral clothes, which is very much a central part of my bedroom’s decor!


10. Woven Shelving

Salvation Army, $1.99: I think this is supposed to be for hanging fruit, but it works quite well as a “grab and go” station, hanging from my clothing rack. I keep my accessories, work badges and glasses here and I added a small aloe plant I was recently gifted!

Do you ever shop for home decor secondhand?

We’re going to an estate sale tomorrow and I can’t wait. I saw some woven basket lamps that are making my heart skip a beat.

Until next week, fam!